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Anthony has been the owner and founder of Breathe Fitness since it started in 2006 and has worked as a Personal Trainer for over 16 years. During this time he has trained many people ranging from students to celebrities. He has a degree in Sports Science with Fitness through the University of Greenwich at Medway giving him extensive knowledge of many aspects of the human body. These include:


- Sports Nutrition

- Movement Science and Injury

- Psychology

- Biomechanics

- Control and Disorders of Movement

- Anatomy and Physiology

- Special populations


Anthony specialises in core stability, which works on trimming and strengthening the waist. A strong core is crucial for posture and general strength across the body.


He also has a passion for psychology working with clients on why they have certain habits and help them change their way of thinking.


His career has taken him around the world, training clients in Europe and as far afield as South America.


Anthony contributes regularly to the media, writing various articles for national magazines and websites as a fitness expert. These articles can be seen within the media section.


Anthony can help train you towards any goal, including:


- Fat loss

- Strength training

- Flat stomach

- Stress relief

- Special occasion i.e. wedding/holiday

- Injury rehabilitation

- Building confidence

- Post natal




Book your FREE consultation with us below. Just send us an email with some information about yourself and get started straight away.

logo Fitness Goals


- BSc Hons Sports Science with Fitness

- TRX Suspension Training

- TRX Functional Training

- TRX Group Training

- TRX Rotational Integrated Pattern Trainer

- Bootcamp-Fitness Megabands

- YMCA Core Stability

- NSCR Group Cycling

- BAFI Diploma in Exercise Performance

- DHARMA Indian Head Massage

- Teenfit

- NLP Foundation Diploma

- REPS Level 3

- St John's Ambulance First Aid at Work

- Fully Insured to £10million

* Required

Contact Us

t:  +44 (0)7840 180 094

e: [email protected]

Jorge Yarur, Chile

Working with Anthony at The Ritz Hotel was a great experience.

I felt much better as we kept on training, also my lower back was more flexible and the pain subsided that I have suffered with for years. Every day was different so I realized that having the same routine all the time is not useful and boring.

Thank you very much

Anthony Mayatt

Lifestyle Coach/Personal Trainer

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