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By Anthony Mayatt, Apr 16 2016 07:45PM

Thanks to celebrities and other health conscious individuals, veganism is now getting recognition for its health benefits and what was once viewed as something for a tiny minority is now adopted by many.

The UK Food Standards Agency defines veganism as “abstaining from the consumption of foods that are or are made from or with the aid of animals or animal products.” It’s a lifestyle choice that sprung from ethical reasons centered on animal rights and environmental factors. But vegans are just as concerned about their health as they are about the world we live in.

By Anthony Mayatt, Feb 11 2016 02:23PM

The hamstring curl using the stability ball is one of the best exercises to work the back of your legs and this video shows you how to do it correctly.

It doesn't matter what sized ball you use however the larger the ball with the shorter the person will make the exercise a bit more difficult to do. Here are the steps to performing the exercise:

By Anthony Mayatt, Feb 1 2016 08:44PM

I have recently spent a few weeks in Chile, South America and was amazed by peoples attitudes to health and fitness there so wanted to share with you what I found during my time in Reñaca and Viña Del Mar.

Chile is a thin, long country stretching the west coast of South America with the mountains of the Andes to the right and the pacific ocean to the left, the Atacama desert in the north and Patagonia to the south. This means the country has varied climates and give the people various options for outdoor activities from rock climbing to hiking and diving.


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