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By Anthony Mayatt, Aug 6 2015 05:40PM

Want to exercise but have IBS?

Are you frustrated by the fact that you are making that effort to book an exercise class or personal trainer only to end up sitting at home clutching your tummy? Are you even more confused by the fact that you plank endlessly and your tummy still sticks out? Have you been diagnosed with ‘IBS’ and been told that it will go away, or to live with it? IBS is actually a term used to cover a set of digestive symptoms such as pain, bloating, wind, diarrhoea or constipation all of which can be really debilitating and wears you down and in some cases can make you feel dizzy and panicky.

By Anthony Mayatt, Jun 8 2015 07:23PM

In April I had the experience, which I am sure most personal trainers hope for once in their career and that is being sent abroad to train a client. I was sent to Chile in South America to train a client and at the same time help to educate his personal trainer down there to show him my training techniques. Also while there I got to train a friend of my client who is a former Chilean number 2 tennis player so was quite an experience.

By Anthony Mayatt, Jan 30 2015 12:27PM

The rowing machine in my opinion is one of the best pieces of cardio equipment you can use. Every muscle in your body is working when doing it correctly and that is why I made a video on how to use the machine correctly. Form is vital when using this as doing it wrong could cause injury due to the constant repetitive movements.


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