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By Anthony Mayatt, Oct 12 2015 03:34PM

Recently it was #WorldMentalHealthDay so everyone was raising awareness of mental health issues, places to seek help etc. As it is a passion of mine to help people through depression, I created this video to talk about depression and why it is perfectly ok to feel sad when going through this.

By Anthony Mayatt, Oct 5 2015 03:35PM

Hello all and welcome to the second installment of my motivational tip series this time talking about patience and persistence. These are two things that go together as you need to be patient but persist at the same time with any goal you are hoping to achieve. Do not expect quick results so keep on doing what you are doing and things will work over time.

By Anthony Mayatt, Sep 28 2015 01:22PM

Hey everyone

Here is a very simple recipe for you that is perfect to have at breakfast as it is high in fats. Fat and protein is always the best to start the day with as it will keep your blood sugar levels steady and provide you with more energy for the day ahead.


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