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By Anthony Mayatt, Dec 11 2014 05:00PM

Hello all and welcome to the next blog which actually includes a challenge for you all to try. This is a tough one called the wall squat challenge that doesn't just test your muscle strength and endurance but also mental strength. The exercise consists of you sitting back against a wall as the image above shows and you remain in that position for as long as you can.

By Anthony Mayatt, Nov 17 2014 09:36PM

Nuts have long been feared as the enemy of weight loss due to their high calorie count – but thankfully, the truth has now largely won out and people are finally coming to their senses about these glorious little wonders, realising that eating nuts does NOT make you fat. In fact quite the opposite; not only have studies shown that those who consume nuts are slimmer, but their endless health benefits (ranging from improved heart and muscle health, to glowing skin) are now also undisputed. I’m here to share the low-down on these nutritional powerhouses.

By Anthony Mayatt, Oct 10 2014 12:47PM

Hello all and welcome to the latest Breathe Fitness blog by our new yoga instructor Kathryn Fielding.

Gone are the days when the perception of Westernised yoga would conjure up images of a gaggle of chanting earth mothers doing some gentle stretches whilst on a quest to harness some spiritual ”zen’. Yoga now means business, has sadly in certain cases become solely a business, and whether you refer to yourself as a yogi or have never stepped on to a mat, there is no denying that Londoners are loving yoga more than ever and this fitness trend is here to stay.


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