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By Anthony Mayatt, Jul 22 2014 02:55PM

Hello all and welcome to the latest blog by Breathe Fitness own hypnotherapist and reiki practitioner Ema Borges.

At some time or another you’ve heard about meditation, maybe in a magazine, a book or on TV. Perhaps someone you know has talked about it.

It’s known for being good for you, for having great benefits, it’s dropped in conversation and just about everyone seems to be at it don’t they?

By Anthony Mayatt, Jul 14 2014 05:47PM

In the modern day life can be very stressful now due to demanding jobs, finances, relationships plus many more I am sure you can think of. Because of this people live in a very negative mind frame due to constant worry. This can cause major health issues and stress is a main cause of heart and lung issues, gastro problems such as IBS and ceiliacs disease and also mental health problems such as depression. A negative mind always manages to overpower a positive one and to give you an example if someone told you 10 things they liked about you and 1 thing they don't like I can guarantee all you would focus on is that 1 negative comment, am I right?

By Anthony Mayatt, Jun 23 2014 04:57PM

Hello all, this weeks blog comes from Breathe Fitness personal trainer Penny Johnston on loving who you are and the health journey you are on.

How many of us are actually happy with ourselves day-to-day?

Last year, I competed in my first physique competition, prior to competing, I was a very stable size 10 who worked hard in the gym & had a very balanced nutritional lifestyle.

By Anthony Mayatt, Apr 22 2014 06:03PM

Not too long ago I had low energy and was on my way to training another client when I came across a health food shop so thought I would grab a snack on the go so had energy for my client. I came across a Bounce Ball which I have actually heard of a lot through social media and other fitness professionals using them. I am not a fan of nuts so normally stay clear however I am OK with peanut so bought to give a try and have to say I fell in love from the first bite. They seem small but take a while to get through, provide a good source of protein and sugar levels are quite low so as a snack on the go I highly recommend and decided to try each one so I could do a proper review.


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