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Why should I consider personal training?

You might have been exercising for years but never see any improvements, or you might just be deciding to start exercising now. You might want to correct your diet or need expert advice and guidance. We can help you train correctly, smarter, safer, and can guarantee to help you in achieving your goals - whatever they are.

How does a personal trainer differ from a gym membership?

With gyms you may have to pay a joining fee of anything from £50 to £150 upfront , then pay your monthly subcription fee each month on top of that. if you want to hire a personal trainer within the gym that too is an additional cost.

With us, you just pay the personal trainer fee, which would include access to the gym for the session, with steam room and sauna available (if you select the gym training option). There are still none of these extra fees if you choose to train outdoors or in your home.

How many sessions should I book?

That's entirely up to you. As a recommendation, those who wish to do one session per week should book 4 sessions for over a months worth of training. Book 12 if you are looking at two sessions or more each week. This should give enough time to see some improvements in yourself, depending on what you want to achieve. Of course, we're here to give you a personalised recommendation to give you a better idea of what you can accomplish.

Another option is to book a package, which will give you a certain amount of training over a specified time period. Booking this way mght help to focus you with a specific goal in mind.

How do I book a session or a package?

Very easily. Either phone or email to arrange your free consultation. During that meeting you can book the desired number of sessions or packages, after hearing our recommendations.

Payments can then be made after the consultation and fitness assessment by either cash or cheque. We do not yet accept credit card payments.

What insurance do you have?

We have £5million insurance through REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals).

What if I need to cancel a session?

Sessions must be cancelled 24 hours in advance, otherwise full charge of the session will occur. Any cancellations must be made by phone only. Rearrangement of the session can then be made.

There are a lot of personal trainers out there, why should I choose you?

I have a huge passion for health and fitness and have spent many years educating through a degree, specialised courses and additional reading and research to stay on top of current trends and the most effective techniques.

Above all, I am friendly, helpful, accommodating and trustworthy - I have contributed to national magazines, where I am judged on the information i'm giving is 100% correct and up to date.

I enjoy working with individuals and groups of people, and take pleasure from helping people make themselves feel better through exercise and fitness.

What areas of London do you cover?

We can cover all areas within easy reach of Central London, for home, work or outdoor training. We can extend our reach where necessary, which may have a small increase on fees due to extra travel time. 

I am part of a group that wants to be trained together, can you cater for us?

The more the merrier! Some people prefer to train in the company of people they know - we have a special package just for you, and prices get cheaper individually the more people who sign up.



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