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Health Check


Below are a couple of tools to let you do your own small health check. It is important to try and regularly do health checks as you get older to see how much you are at risk to disease. These tools focus mainly on your weight and will give you an idea of how healthy you currently are according to your current bodyweight.

Tool 1 - BMR calculator

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the amount of energy expended while at rest in a neutral environment. In laymans terms that means if you slept all day without food or drink this is how much your body would burn. This tool will calculate your BMR and tell you how many calories you would need to maintain your current weight and/or to lose 1 pound per week.

Tool 2 - Go to your doctor 

This should be done by everyone before partaking in a fitness routine. Simple reason is that they can perform a full body health check on you testing blood pressure, cholesterol etc. This way you can find out your level of health so know that you can start a fitness regime without any issues and can go back to retest how you have improved over time.


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Stephanie Fawcet

I have been having personal training sessions with Anthony for a year. I had never had pt sessions in a park before so wasn't sure what to expect but was happily surprised. He made the sessions enjoyable by keeping them interesting by changing the exercises, but still having enough the same so I felt I was getting the hang of them and improving. He was motivating without being shouty and encouraged me to do things which I wouldn't ever have dreamt of doing on my own (like run up Primrose Hill!).