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Meet The Team

Founder/Personal Trainer


Anthony founded Breathe Fitness in 2006 and has grown to become one of London's top personal training training businesses with a rapidly growing reputation in excellence. He has been personal training for over 14 years and is always looking to improve himself as a trainer. Anthony regularly features in the media writing for national magazines, newspapers and websites. You can train with Anthony across the capital in your own home, local park or private gym location.


Fitness Goals

Hypnotherapist/Reiki Practitioner


Ema is a hypnotherapist and reiki practitioner based in London who can work with you from the comfort of your own home. She also offers relaxation workshops in the workplace or home where she assists in creating customised results for any team, such as increased motivation, reduced stress, and improved team morale. Ema has a passion for demystifying the fears people have around hypnosis, and for helping people to access the power of their minds to achieve any goal or result they seek in life. Her speciality is self-empowerment, raising confidence and breaking down unfounded fears.

Personal Trainer/Running Coach


I love to inspire, encourage and help motivate others in order to achieve their goals. I have a huge passion for fitness and sport, and regularly participate in running events and tennis tournaments.


I enjoy educating my clients on nutrition, and helping them to adopt healthy eating patterns, in order to support their current lifestyle. I have been in the PT industry for 3 years now, and my specialties include weight loss, marathon training and short distance running.  

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Manual Therapist


For over 28 years, Katrine Cakuls has been helping patients to feel better naturally. Drawing on her Canadian training in cranial osteopathy and physiotherapy, Katrine has developed a unique form of hands-on treatment. This gentle yet effective hands-on manual therapy works to restore movement throughout the areas throughout the body that are blocked due to physical and/or emotional strains.





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Psychotherapist and Counsellor


I'm very experienced working with depression, anxiety and suicidal feelings. I've worked with addicts, people who suffer from eating disorders. I've worked with people who just don't feel quite right, or feel their relationships aren't working as well as they could be. I try and bring myself into the room - I view our time together as a relationship, of which I'm part.

Anthony Mayatt

Jenny Tomei

Katrine Cakuls

Ben Scanlan

Ema Borges

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