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Meet The Team

Anthony Mayatt - Founder/Personal Trainer


Anthony founded Breathe Fitness in 2006 and has grown to become one of London's top personal training training businesses with a rapidly growing reputation in excellence. He has been personal training for over 12 years and is always looking to improve himself as a trainer. Anthony regularly features in the media writing for national magazines, newspapers and websites. You can train with Anthony across the capital in your own home, local park or private gym location.


Fitness Goals

Ema Borges - Hypnotherapist/Reiki Practitioner


Ema is a hypnotherapist based in London, she has a passion for demystifying the fears people have around hypnosis, and for helping people to access the power of their minds to achieve any goal or result they seek in life. Her speciality is self-empowerment, raising confidence and breaking down unfounded fears. Ema is also a depression mentor for the Blurt it out foundation, and writes a regular wellbeing blog.

Sandra Karam - Personal Trainer/Massage Therapist


Sandra is a qualified personal trainer and sports massage therapist, who is passionate and loves seeing her clients improve with each session.


Whatever your goal, Sandra will tailor a fitness and nutrition program that suits your targets, whether you want to lower your body fat, run a marathon, build lean muscle, improve your fitness levels or simply have a healthy lifestyle.

Farida Bakhshov - Personal Trainer


I help clients to use their time effectively as our modern, busy lifestyles are putting greater demands on our spare time. Stress is a big contributor towards feeling unhealthy and sometimes it may prevent you from losing weight. Therefore, I recommend relaxation and meditation techniques to bring a sense of calm to your inner world.

Jenny Tomei - Personal Trainer/Running Coach


I love to inspire, encourage and help motivate others in order to achieve their goals. I have a huge passion for fitness and sport, and regularly participate in running events and tennis tournaments.


I enjoy educating my clients on nutrition, and helping them to adopt healthy eating patterns, in order to support their current lifestyle. I have been in the PT industry for 3 years now, and my specialties include weight loss, marathon training and short distance running.  

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Penny Johnston - Personal Trainer


Penny is a Personal Trainer with 8 years experience within the Health & Fitness Industry. She enjoys helping others to create their own success stories, & to eventually allow them to be their own inspiration. Health & Fitness is her passion, hobby, & life which allows her to deliver such great results & relationships with her clients.





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