Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy involves using a wide range of tools to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances, and understand how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns. This approach allows me to address any nutritional imbalances and help support the body towards maintaining health. It is relevant for individuals  with chronic conditions, as well as those looking for support in order to enhance their health and wellbeing.

Nutrition Packages

Initial consultation (60 minutes) including follow up (45 minutes)

The consultation:

The aim of the first visit is to find out about you and this takes approximately 1 hour. I will ask you detailed questions about your medical history, family’s medical history, eating habits and lifestyle. I may sometimes use visual indicators such as your hair, nails, tongue and skin, and may take measurements to monitor progress.

Occasionally I may suggest diagnostic tests (only when necessary) such as laboratory tests for digestive imbalances, tests assessing your nutrient status, and many more.

I will provide you with a questionnaire to be filled in prior to the first consultation.

After the consultation:

You will then receive a personalised programme within 3-4 working days. A follow up consultation will usually be 4-6 weeks later to discuss your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your program (although you may wish to do more regular sessions initially if you require closer support and guidance).

Follow up consultations:

Allow us to tweak things as needed, to keep you accountable and focused. You will also receive any additional support via email, as well as feedback on your food intake, as needed in between appointments.

Price: Initial consultation - £75

Follow up - £50


One 1-hour assessment and goal setting session plus one 30-minute follow-up appointment, and one 15-minute weekly check-in (either by phone, or email)

- Four day food diary template completed by client

- In depth Lifestyle Assessment e.g. medical history, family history, lifestyle and stress

- Personalised Nutrition advice and supplement plan together with recipes

- Current medication and nutrient interaction evaluation 

- Recommendations on any clinical tests required (if applicable)


Suitable for:

Do you need a little kick start back into your healthy routine, but not sure which direction to go? Then this might be the package for you.

Price: £140


1 hour assessment and goal setting session plus three 30 minute follow-up appointments per month, and 1, 15 minute weekly check in (either by phone or e-mail). Includes the same as entry level package.

Suitable for:

If you are looking to see real progress, and really wanting to make a difference, plus having a long period of extended support, then this is the package for you.

Price: £215


1 hour and 15 mins assessment and goal setting session plus 5, 30 minute follow-up appointments and 2, 15 minute check-ins (if required by phone or email). Includes the same as entry level package.

Suitable for:

If you are looking to fully commit to your health and wellness journey, this package is just what you need!  Through all of the normal and expected ups and downs, I will be there to guide, support and cheer you on every step of the way. Over six months I will help you make small and simple changes, and make adjustments as needed.

Price: £500


  • Four/eight 30 minute follow up sessions
  • Nutrition handouts, meal plans, and shopping list
  • Discussions about any ongoing concerns you may have about your health
  • Adjustments that may need to be to any supplement plans
  • Ongoing support 

Suitable for:

This is an opportunity for existing clients to save some money for ongoing sessions as we continue your journey together, or if your insurance benefit is limited to a certain number of visits per year and you would like a more cost effective way to continue the program. Follow-up visits are generally 30 minutes long. 4 PACK Follow-up Sessions: (must be used within 6 months from date of first visit) 8 PACK Follow-up sessions: (must be used within 12 months from date of first visit) 

Price: 4 Pack - £120

8 Pack - £240


You keep a 5-day food diary, and we have a 45 minute evaluation on how to improve your diet. A summary of your dietary recommendations will be emailed to you within 3 working days.

Price: £50


All Plans Include 5 Days Worth Of Tailored Meals, Including Snacks

In order for me to write a customised food plan tailored towards your needs, I will need you to fill out a 7 day food diary for me, which you will then send back to me.  After this we will schedule a 30 minute phone call to discuss everything that will be included in your plan.

4 Week Nutrition Plan

Portion/energy constricted plans to meet your required metabolic needs. The plan includes 4 weeks worth of meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus some snack ideas.

- This plan will give you an idea of what foods to eat, when to eat, and good kick start into helping you develop healthy eating habits.

- Any additional follow ups and changes that need to be made to the plan, will need to be discussed over Skype/phone call. Appointments will last 30 minutes.

Price: £225

12 week Fitness and Nutrition plan

This packages includes a personal training session once a week, (added sessions can be discussed) plus a 4 week tailored food plan suited towards your metabolic needs. 

- The plan includes 4 weeks worth of meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus some snack ideas.  (any extra support you may need there will be additional charges)

Price: £850