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Once you have given birth for some people it is hard to get back to the body you had before the pregnancy. You also have to take certain careful steps soon after giving birth so that your body can chage in time to not cause any internal bodily problems.


At Breathe Fitness we are fully qualified to help you get back into the shape you were prior to pregnancy and to look your best. We know that you will not have much free time on your hands so we can travel to the comfort and privacy of your own home and train with you there or bring the little one out in a buggy. Also quite popular are small group sessions with new mums so if you are a group looking to get fit, share the cost and all train together.

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Post natal Training


Book your FREE consultation with us below. Just send us an email with some information about yourself and get started straight away.


By following our exercise and nutritional program you can get rid of that bum, tum and thighs that was stretched out during pregnancy.


People come to us having had back pain, a cesarean, post natal depression amongst other things so we can help no matter what.


Feel fit and strong, which are all the attributes needed to help raise a young child. Most of all though feel great about the way you look adding to that giant smile on your face of having a new addition to your life.


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Anne M - Banking

I fully recommend Anthony from Breathe Fitness for new mothers who want to kick-start their exercise regime after giving birth. Training in the local park enabled me to bring my baby with me and Anthony's professional approach and innovative training program helped me regain my pre-pregnancy physique and weight and improve my fitness in two months. Each session was challenging but highly enjoyable and the variety in the program meant I always looked forward to training. A great find.