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How Diets Make You Gain Weight

By Anthony Mayatt, Jun 13 2012 12:30PM

Hello all and welcome to the latest blog this time by personal trainer Gary Ousby about FAD diets.

Contradictory statement isn't it, since diets are supposed to help one lose weight! But this is true. If you go after the popular, fad diet plans, it is only a matter of time before you gain even more weight than what you started with! Diets are there because people want to achieve 'quick weight loss'. The weight loss experts are only too aware of the huge demand for instant weight loss solutions. If you ask me, they are just feeding the market's needs.

Most of the diets promise you quick weight loss. Needless to say, you would lose a few pounds so quickly that you would have never imagined! But that 'loss' is only temporary. You will gain back your 'lost' weight as rapidly as you had lost it. Plus you'll become all the more unhealthy and weak. If you ask me, most of the diets out there can result in severe health complications.

In this article I will tell you about two ways diets make you fatter:

1. Diet ruins your metabolism: When you diet, your metabolic rate won't be steady; more often than not it will be low and sometimes it will have a sudden spike. Here is why:

You might actually lose a few pounds with dieting but that is not fat loss! You are losing weight since you are not eating enough; that is just commonsense. The few pounds you lost was actually as a result of loss of water and lean muscles, maybe a little fat. When your body loses water, it becomes dry and dehydrated, and your metabolic rate almost comes to a halt.

When you lose muscles, your metabolic rate slows down. Muscles are responsible for keeping your metabolic rate high; the more muscles you have, the more fat you will burn. Moreover, muscle loss will make you weak and fatigued.

Moreover, you are not able to sustain the weight loss for long enough. You won't be able to survive on low-calorie foods for long, neither is it possible to live on liquid diets! It is only a matter of time before you will start feeling unbearably hungry and munch on junk foods! What is going to happen to you when you reintroduce normal foods back into your diet? All these would increase your body weight.

2. Diet means failure: You see, most people who diet fail to lose weight. I am sure you will corroborate this view from your own experience with diets. People tend to think that a diet is a quick weight loss solution but in reality it is just the opposite. Studies have pointed out that people who don't diet and focus on

healthy eating instead, are less likely to gain weight than those who follow diets! Almost 99% people who use diets fail to lose weight.

Come on guys, losing weight, becoming fit and healthy is about changing your lifestyle period. It is much more successful and realistic to make changes slowly and permanently, rather than continually going from one extreme to another. I know I am from the industry, so it is easy for me to say but I highly recommend using the services of an experienced fitness coach. I have never understood why some people insist on doing it all on their own. Some of the most successful athletes/celebrities you know have a dedicated team around them to advise them on the best and safest way to look after their bodies and achieve optimum results.

There are also some great apps out at the moment that help you keep on track, such as my fitness pal . Cheap to buy and easy to use, this app will help you work out the amount of calories you consume and how many you need to lose weight. Although geared towards the American market there are a lot of different takeout meals listed. They have also included an exercise library so you can add calories burned as well.

Gary Ousby has been a personal trainer and lifestyle consultant in London, training celebrities and professionals since 1994. He trains clients at the Mayfair Hotel, his website is http://www.physicalwellbeing.co.uk

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