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Below are all the articles that Breathe Fitness have featured in for More and Bliss magazines. These features were written to help the readers of those magazines and have helped grow there reputation across London and the nation. Click on the images to read the full features.

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Hot bod secrets for the abs, legs, back and chest



May 2007

The beach gym





July 2007

Oi! Hollyoak's girls, we want your bodies



Jan 2008

Why can't out blokes look this hot?



July 2008

Oi Clancy, how can we get your body?



June 2008

How can we look this good in a bikini?



April 2008

How long does it take to burn off that Easter egg?



March 2008

How many sit-ups until we look like this?



May 2008

Drop two dress sizes just like Charlotte Church


April 2008

The secrets of a sexy back




Feb 2008

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Will your bloke turn into his dad?



May 2010


Lift weights and lose weight




Sept 2012


Are you an infomaniac?




Dec 2012

32~bodyfit Bliss Logo more looklogo verycover

Move Your Middle




Oct 2013

very-(1) yourfitness

Lift weight to lose weight



Oct 2014

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Broadleaf Magazine


Gym and Tonic




January 2018

Contact Us


Wedding Magazine


Bridal Body Blitz




June/July 2015

weddingmagthumb1 broadleafthumb