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Lauren Jarvis, Editor of National Geographic Kids Magazine

"I started one to one training sessions with Anthony at the gym to get in shape for my wedding. He worked out a great training plan - he fully understood what I was aiming to achieve and devised exercises that gained quick results."


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Your wedding will be the most important and happiest day of your life so why not make sure you look your best for it. We can train you in the build up to your big day so that when you look back on your wedding pictures you can see how good you looked, not that you won't look amazing already. We do packages whether you're the bride or groom or perhaps you would both want to train together? To see these please refer to the packages page giving you various options.  


Whether you want to start early for the big day or only a month to go it's never too late to look your best.

Cindy Jeevaratnam

I was really at rock bottom in terms of motivation and I desperately needed to get into shape for my wedding which was in 7 weeks time. I was very lucky to discover Breathe Fitness at this point and to have Anthony as my trainer. I thought that 7 weeks would not be long enough to make a significant difference to my body shape.  However, I was completely taken aback by my transformation over the weeks. I have received so many compliments from my friends and family and best of all, I was really confident and felt really happy with how I looked on my wedding day.


Anthony is truly excellent at what he does and knows exactly how to push you to get the best results. He will help you to achieve your personal goals without you realising it. I followed all of his advice in terms of fitness and nutrition and have benefitted massively. I would highly recommend him and his company. It's the best investment in yourself that you can make and you will have no regrets.

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Simona Sarbut, Optician

Being less than a year a away from my wedding I was determined to lose weight so I can look amazing on our big day. I tried all sorts of drastic diets and detox that did not work. I then decided to start exercising and knew I needed the extra push and motivation so I looked for a personal trainer in my area. That is how I met Anthony.

I had personal trainers before, but he is amazing. He is very experienced and always explained all exercises and what it works on.

He is so enthusiastic about what he does. Also for the 1st time I understood nutrition and that I did not have to diet and starve myself in order to lose weight!!! I could eat. Actually I was never hungry! I just changed my way of eating. 


It's no shame to say I had my up and downs. Anthony would always push my to not give up and motivate me to continue.

I can genuinely say that since Ant  became my PT I made a habit out of cooking and eating good but healthy food and also exercising is fun for the first time!!

Now close to my wedding day I am over 2 dress size smaller, fitter and healthier.

I could not recommended Anthony enough!


Simona (above) came to see me 7 months before her wedding and the results show from the dedication she put into her lifestyle changes. Anytime I asked of a change in eating habits or exercise routine Simona would give it 110%. Nearly 3 dress sizes lost over that time and was very emotional to be able to celebrate the big day with her and see what incredible changes she had made for that day and beyond. So proud of her!

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Wedding Personal Training